Vintage Chemical Inc. is a manufacturer based in the USA. Established in 1998, Vintage Chemical continues to specialize in formulating, testing and packaging a wide variety of products. Some of our common products include medical enzyme detergents, soaps, sanitizers, lubricants, degreasers as well as many others.  Vintage Chemical is always expanding our own product lines as well as customer’s while continuing to expand manufacturing capabilities.

Several of our products have been developed for the medical field with products such as medical enzyme detergents, instrument lubricants, and antibacterial soaps. Medical enzyme detergents are a great solution for cleaning organic matter and eliminating odors within the medical field or industrial applications, as well as being a greener solution compared to some existing cleaners.

Institutional and industrial products can range from floor cleaners, degreasers, odor eliminators to toilet bowl cleaners, adhesive removers, and industrial soaps. Our products are used in many different industrial and institutional settings and can provide a wide range of applications while always delivering exceptional results.  We also currently manufacture consumer products such as pond cleaners, liquid dyes, and nasal sprays. 

Vintage Chemical’s ability to continually formulate and develop new products for a broad range of customers is a persistent strength in our company’s past and future. Our capacity is always improving with products and packaging constantly evolving. Vintage Chemical has its own line of healthcare, industrial and consumer products and the manufacturing ability to provide private label products as well as private packaging.

All manufacturing is done in our facility located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Vintage Chemical is also US EPA and FDA registered.

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